Tuesday, 26 May 2009

i want one. recently i have my heart set on getting an ickle dog, preferebly one of these fluffballs. once i get an idea into my head, it refuses to leave!*


  1. hello again. fluffbalss are very cute. i have my heart set on a cat or a sausage dog. with regards to your last comment, i would suggest trying to find out about local/national art networks etc for jobs or opportunities. artsjobs is a good one, arts council may have some information-just search around their website etc, there are creative job agencies-buy a design week and look in the back or any creative magazine should have some listings in the back. i finished my degree in illustration last year-june 2008-i have always drawn but didnt know quite what to do with it or myself career wise until i was older. dx.

  2. Pomeranians are adorable. My cousin had one. Here's to hoping you get one soon! ;]

    <3 B

  3. i was the exact same way 7 years ago, and then i bought Chickie, my first pomeranian (my only pom). she is the most amazing, adorable animal on the planet! go get one now!!!

  4. oh my god laura! they are my favourite kind of dog :) i love love love them!!xx

  5. ah wicked cartoon. i love all your little drawings, and will keep coming back to your blog to see them. :)
    i have tagged you on my blog, its a fun one!
    peace xx