Monday, 25 May 2009

*graduation ball*

we have roughly 4 weeks till our ball and i cant wait. i do have a small problem--no shoes to wear! part of me wants some massive awsome platforms but then i think i want some dainty girly ones..hmm decisions decisions...


  1. mine is in 2 weeks and I need an oversized clutch!
    hope you find the perfect shoes!!

  2. hello. thank you for the comment on my blog. have fun finding the right shoes and i hope you find the right ones. what degree have you just finished studying? dx.

  3. Hey you! Thanks for visiting my place and for your comment! =) Sounds exciting with a ball, all the best of luck to ya!

    Love, Ida

  4. your blog has it's first blog award....'the lovely blog' award.
    pick it up from my blog.