Sunday, 14 June 2009

a fun filled (almost) final week*

this week has been a busy one..

firstly we have sun again - and it is bleeding hot! but its amazing weather for final uni memories..

...and for seconds - been making the most of evenings out..finding old records to play with. there were a fair few of these pics but just picked this one, a tad small, but kinda works - we had a giggle anyway..

last night me and my flatmates watched 'yes man'. it reminded me of how much i loved the book. im sure you've all heard of the film, but i read this book a few years ago and it changed my outlook on life. its hillarious and amazingly beautiful at the same time. so if your planning on starting a new book, make sure its this one! oh how i love you danny**

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

someday my prince will come*

recently i have been thinking about my future and who ill end up with. its a pretty exciting thought..some guy may be out there now wondering his own future too. i believe it fate, so prehaps one day ill be introduced to the love of my life. fingers crossed!

..rain rain go away*

the weather has turned miserable. last week was be-autiful but alas that was not to last. rain just makes everything seem more grim. please please let there be sunshine for my final weeks of uni life.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

*new shoes*

finally i have had the time to look for some decent and not too pricey shoes and i have successfully found some chunky patent ones. they'll come in handy for my private view *exhibition* and possibly also for my grad ball. one thing that can be ticked off the list, aces!*