Friday, 15 October 2010


Hello all. I literally cannot wait any longer.. I am being reunited with my 6 wonderful university friends tomorrow. Well actually 2 of the 6 are trecking to my house tonight before we set off tomorrow morning to good old Bristol town. We have not met as a group for months and I am so excited to hear all about their current goings on.

I'm sure the weekend will be filled with hugs, old stories and a lot of laughter! I'm currently cleaning my room as it is well overdue a dust. Anyway must crack on... :) only a few hours to go xxx

Monday, 12 April 2010

month of wonder*

this month has been pretty awesome. here's a few images which sum it up..

train journeys in devon*
old romantics dancing*
cupcakes from a special buddy*
amazing contemporary dance*
....and a little more*
on set for a short film*
journey back from london*
...& the sun fades*
& finally a postcard from an old 'someone special'*

thank you .Life In Musings. for this award it means alot :)

Monday, 29 March 2010

tourist in my own town*

i havn't done this for a while...quite a bit has changed in the last few months;

graduated, new job & home living once more. it's a new way of life but i've finally settled. i will always miss my amazing friends...i was lucky enough to have a visit from a top one this fact she is still here with me now. we have been on a fun filled adventure, antique shops, river walks, bookcycle reading, film watching and junk food eating. it's been brill.
also a big thanks to all of you who have left comments since i've been busy! they are much appreciated!! :)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

a fun filled (almost) final week*

this week has been a busy one..

firstly we have sun again - and it is bleeding hot! but its amazing weather for final uni memories..

...and for seconds - been making the most of evenings out..finding old records to play with. there were a fair few of these pics but just picked this one, a tad small, but kinda works - we had a giggle anyway..

last night me and my flatmates watched 'yes man'. it reminded me of how much i loved the book. im sure you've all heard of the film, but i read this book a few years ago and it changed my outlook on life. its hillarious and amazingly beautiful at the same time. so if your planning on starting a new book, make sure its this one! oh how i love you danny**

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

someday my prince will come*

recently i have been thinking about my future and who ill end up with. its a pretty exciting thought..some guy may be out there now wondering his own future too. i believe it fate, so prehaps one day ill be introduced to the love of my life. fingers crossed!

..rain rain go away*

the weather has turned miserable. last week was be-autiful but alas that was not to last. rain just makes everything seem more grim. please please let there be sunshine for my final weeks of uni life.