Thursday, 28 May 2009

current obsessions*

I have been tagged by inside the cabinet of wonder to write about my 5 current obsessions. so ive had a little think and this is what ive come up with: (images from google)

1)) Mr Paul Rudd... funny and has a smile that would melt the hearts of many lovely ladies.

2)) New Zealand...the plan is to save up for a year and go next summer. looks like the most beautiful place in the world.

3)) shoes shoes shoes...higher the better although maybe not practical for my wobbly legs.

4)) reading...the twilight saga. truly beautiful, although makes my life seem dull. very dull.

5)) love... always hoping and dreaming. i'm a true hopeless romantic.
Ive tagged these 5 lovely peeps to do the same:


  1. haha. that sounds like a plan.

    I'm totally may just take me a couple of days to actually post my current obsessions...

    <3 B

  2. I love the twilight books and i totally agree like does seem dull after reading them.

  3. hope you save up enough money for the trip to NZ.the trick to wearing shoes with heels, is to war them when hoovering up as it helps you practise walking in them. my friend taught me this trick years ago when i bought some new shoes with dangerous heels on. dx.

  4. I definitely think NZ is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I'm biased ... ;)

  5. those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! and i love paul rudd too. i had SUCH a huge crush on him when clueless came out when i was in junior high. :)